Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to shovel a walkway in less than a minute, without shoveling.

This is a 5 step guide on how to shovel your walkway
very quickly, with very little effort and no shoveling.

Step 1:
Own a 12 foot long piece of bubble wrap.

Step 2:
Place it on the walkway before it snows.

Step 3:
Secure plastic wrap with heavy weights, to prevent
it from being blown away by strong winds.

Step 4:
Allow snow to fall on top of your 12 foot strip of bubble wrap.

Step 5:
When you are satisfied with the amount of snow that hath fallen,
or if somebody wants to walk outside, you may roll it up.
This process contains the snow inside the plastic,
exposing the dry walkway underneath.

It can be unrolled again for future use.

Warning: This does not work for rain.
If it rains in your area, learn to enjoy moist feet.

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